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When you want to turn to an aquarium store that offers saltwater aquarium fish, fish tanks, or various accessories in North Wilkesboro, NC, pay us a visit! We also sell fish food, fishing accessories & supplies, different fish, and many other products for the specific needs of our customers. Call us today to learn more!

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Splash Aquatics

Splash Aquatics offers a wide variety of high-quality aquarium supplies and products to clients who work with fish professionally or as a hobby. Based in North Wilkesboro, NC, we provide a wide variety of fish tanks, fish food, aquarium & fishing supplies, accessories, and other essential products. Our items are available at reasonable prices, and our consultants are ready to assist you.

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Whenever you need aquarium & fishing supplies, our store is the one where you will find numerous options that will allow you to start or advance your hobby. Our consultants will help you make an informed choice for each item you wish to buy, and you can count on the vast knowledge they have in the field to weigh in the pros and cons of the different products we have available.

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Known for our large selection of aquarium supplies, we run Splash Aquatics to provide local customers with different options and high-quality items. We are all fish & aquarium enthusiasts and are eager to help a fellow aquarist. With us, you will enjoy outstanding quality and professional services. Pay us a visit today!

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What we Offer ?

Splash Aquatics is a reputable store that offers quality products to beginners and professional aquarists. Based in North Wilkesboro, NC, we provide a variety of options to our clients, and here you can find out additional information about what we do.

Aquarium Supplies

We offer a wide variety of different aquarium supplies and items that include products for saltwater aquarium care, nets, tank dividers, containers, and much more. With us, you will find everything you need to create and maintain your own aquarium. All you need to do is pay us a visit, and we will guide you through the large selection of items we have available.

Fish and Food

Splash Aquatics also offers an abundance of choice for people who have chosen keeping fish as their hobby. Whether you need a new specimen for your tank or a variety to re-stock, with us you will find everything you may require from tropical waters and freshwater varieties. We work with most varieties available on the market and have numerous options for your consideration.

Aquarium Tanks

As a reputable aquarium store, we have a large variety of tanks and can help you create your own custom aquarium. All our specialists have vast experience in this field and will guide you through every step of the process. With us, you can find everything you may need for that purpose.

Aquarium Accessories

Additionally, we have many accessories available for all types of aquariums. Our items include everything from brushes & tank cleaners to gravel & substrate, decor, artificial plants, sand & stones, plants, fertilizers, heating, lighting, and more.

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